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In 2013, SEPTIFOS Vigor was replaced with a new version of activator. The full range of the products ensures biological maintenance of septic tanks and onsite wastewater treatment systems, as well as sanitary disinfection at your home.

Septifos – biological activator

Patented formula of the product
ensures growth stimulation of natural bacterial flora, present in a septic tank.
It accelerates sludge breakdown which results in flow improvement
in sewage system and reduction of unpleasant odour.

Biological activator SEPTIFOS is designed for biodegradation
of all types of septic tank content,
including advanced onsite biological wastewater treatment systems.

Septifos is available in packages of 6 and 18 bags
as well as 1.2 kg and 5 kg.


Enzyme gel preparation for domestic sewage system.
Immediately removes bad smell, eliminates and prevents clogs in pipelines, bath siphons, sinks or shower trays.
Prevents clogs by eliminating present sludge.

Thanks to enzymes, it supports the effects of biological activator
for SEPTIFOS septic tanks.
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WC GEL - Cleans and regulates

Ultraefficient WC GEL 750 ml, Sea scent
- cleans and removes limescale from toilet bowl
- regulates biological balance in septic tank
- facilitates and improves effects of biological activator for SEPTIFOS septic tanks
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Project and execution: Scott Tiger