Click and see the new improved formula of Septifos

New formula of Septifos

Since 2013, we have been offering you a NEW FORMULA which helps fight sludge in a septic tank and domestic wastewater treatment system. A new unique formula in rich in of clay and trace elements – iron, copper, zinc and potassium. A new version of SEPTIFOS helps activate two-level biological processes:
  • providing minerals and microelements which stimulate bacteria activity by contributing to their rapid growth and increase in number
  • providing clay with specially designed micro-hollows which serve as “nests” for bacteria and enhance their growth

Stara formuła

Introduction of
active bacteria into a septic tank

Limited amount of new bacteria reduces their activity

NEW formula

Stimulation of
natural bacterial activity in a septic tank

Stimulated growth and increased bacteria amount = bigger efficiency

A new formula of SEPTIFOS provides more efficient solution to:

remove unpleasant odour

prevent clogs

decrease the frequency of septic tank pumping

The following table shows methane content in a closed septic tank capacity.
More methane in this space translates into more bacteria, which work actively in the septic tank.
Methane amount (ppm)
Time 60 days 88 days 6 months
without Septifos application in septic tank 8 <10 270
old formula of SEPTIFOS 69 548 982
with NEW SEPTIFOS 290 3728 11967
New SEPTIFOS validity: 5 years after production. Wide range of storage temperatures
Project and execution: Scott Tiger