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What is the function of septic tank?

Septic tank is an onsite sanitary system that function to store and neutralise domestic wastewater. Biological processes undergoing in septic tanks contribute to neutralisation of solid and liquid waste matter and pollutants that leave your home. Solid wastes settle on a solid tank bottom, forming a layer of sludge. Thanks to bacteria it is firstly liquidised and then converted into gas. Stages of septic tank function:
  • Liquefaction – of organic matter by enzymes and bacteria
  • Conversion into acids – followed by gas conversion
  • Conversion into methane – final products of sludge conversion are methane and carbon dioxide.
However, the processes are slow and not enough effective, that is why they can be enhanced by application of biological activators.
Properly prepared septic tank draining system prevents environmental pollution.

High level of pollutants, resulting from a wide range of factors,
is the overriding concern of septic tank function. Such factors include:

Biological activator SEPTIFOS allows to avoid septic tank maintenance problems by reducing the level of pollutants.

removes unpleasant odour

  • immediately removes compounds contributing to unpleasant odours: sulfuretted hydrogen and volatile fatty acids.
  • SEPTIFOS prevents bad smell by supporting the substance breakdown and hence hampering sledge creation.

prevents clogs

  • providing minerals and microelements which stimulate bacterial activity
  • providing clay with specially designed micro-hollows which serve as “nests” for bacteria and enhance their growth

decreases the frequency of septic tank pumping

  • SEPTIFOS contributes to thorough activation, resulting in significant reduction of sledge by improving natural flocculation and quality modification of hydrolysis, in particular by accelerating the process of sludge conversion into acids and then into gas.
  • SEPTIFOS has also biologically regulative effects contributing to the bacterial flora balance.
Dostępne opakowania Septifosu
SEPTIFOS activator helps bacterial multiplication in septic tank. Larger amount of bacteria translates into faster conversion of solid substance into gas.
New formula of SEPTIFOS significantly improves the effectiveness of pollutant biodegradation by stimulating natural bacterial activity in septic tank, rather than increasing them in number.
Only recently SEPTIFOS is available in following packages:
1.2 kg, 648 g in 18 bags and 5 kg
Check the new improved formula of SEPTIFOS

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Onsite wastewater treatment system and septic tank
SEPTIFOS helps accelerate digestion processes in septic tank, dissolves solid substances, improves production of acids and their conversion into gas, as well as regulates sludge content. In onsite ecological wastewater treatment system, SEPTIFOS brings about the acceleration of oxygenation processes, bacterial growth and enzymes production as well as effective and optimal wastewater cleaning, while preventing unpleasant odour and installation clogs.


frequent clogging
unpleasant odour
solid sludge



flow capacity
no bad smelling
significantly less frequent septic tank pumping

Environmental protection

SEPTIFOS products were designed with the view to environmental protection.
  • The range of SEPTIFOS activators for septic tanks and onsite ecological wastewater treatment systems is made of natural, 100% mineral materials, and it was specially designed to maintain the good state of septic tanks and cesspools. The quality of drained water is improved, and costly as well as polluting septic tank pumping becomes less frequent.
  • Formula of biological activator SEPTIFOS contains 99.5% of naturally derived active agents. It was specially designed to help optimal function of onsite wastewater treatment systems. Hence, the quality of drained water improves, which positively affects the environment.
Individual sewage system causes less environmental pollution than communal as it allows for onsite process of one’s own wastes. As a matter of fact, in the case of communal sewage system, wastes incineration stemming from communal wastewater treatment systems constitutes pollutant source (transportation and exhaust fumes).

SEPTIFOS helps protect the environment!

Available in good shops and DIY stores.

Project and execution: Scott Tiger